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It is one thing to talk about vaporizers - and an entirely different thing to really know about them - - is our friendly expert that we call upon for advice in everything that is vaporizer based, when they talk we listen. Of course we are rather posh here at knifelicker so our favourite would need to be the volcano vaporizer but that does not mean that others do not have an opinion too now does it???? So, would you prefer the iolite - or do you really have no opinion at all? In which case, then you might as well just go on a keep smoking your herbs and then see how far you get? The beauty of the vaporizer lies in its extreme union of the science with the real world – after all when people were previously smoking they were simply doing what they understood to be the best thing – but they were wrong – what they really should have been doing was utilizing the vaporizers to gently release the goodness rather than bludgeoning them out with a fire!!!

Voodoo Knife Blocks

When you need somewhere to store a knife and a method of performing voodoo tricks at the same time then the voodoo knife block must be the most useful resource that you are ever likely to come across. This does not mean that its voodoo power is compromised and neither are the five knives in the set anything less then prime kitchen knives - this knife holder is quite definitely improved by the combination of its functions - so for that reason every household really should own one!

Available in a selection of colours there is no reason why you can't get yourself a voodoo knife block to match your IKEA kitchen or your underwear - so what are you waiting for? Visit the knifelicker shop today.

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