Magic Flight Launch Box

Magic Flight Launch Box – or magic carpet ride? Which one would you choose? The handy little portable vaporizer can take you on a journey but will it take you as far a a flying carpet? The knifelicker examines the pros and cons of magic flight launch box and the magic flying carpet!

magic flight launch box

magic flight launch box


The launch box is obviously smaller so could be considered more portable, but it isn’t that simple – you wouldn’t be able to fit a magic carpet into your pocket but then again it is a form of transport. So just like you would say a car is portable, you’d have to say that a carpet is too.

What about fuel? The carpet relies upon magic, which is free and bountiful if you have access to it – but when you don’t the you aren’t going to be able to get one from a corner shop are you? The magic-flight uses batteries which are much easier to get and an be recharged but they do run out and you get maybe 20 mins use out of them. This would have to be a draw!

Weed vapourizers can only take one person on a ride at a time – magic carpets on the other hand have been shown to be capable of taking four or even five people on a ride. But the quality of the ride might be more reliable with a launch box. So once again this would be a draw.

So in conclusion, they each serve a purpose and the buyer has to select the one that best suits their needs.