voodoo smoking knife

Voodoo Smoking Knife?

To Kill a Deano   It was evident that Deano was not in his normal state of mind. He seemed animated, frantic – and he would not shut up. Not for the first time that week, I found myself looking at the chrome voodoo knife block and wondering whether it really did possess any “murdery” […]

Voodoo Knife Block Story

Fracks or fiction? Gertrude was lecturing everyone again. There was a feeling of annoyance spreading across the cafe. People had come here for a cup of tea, maybe a scone or perhaps a sandwich. They may have been thinking about cheese knives, but they weren’t thinking voodoo knives!

magic flight launch box

Magic Flight Launch Box

Magic Flight Launch Box – or magic carpet ride? Which one would you choose? The handy little portable vaporizer can take you on a journey but will it take you as far a a flying carpet? The knifelicker examines the pros and cons of magic flight launch box and the magic flying carpet!

Vaporizers in the kitchen

The First Taste is with the Nose! Smelling is one of our most primary senses and food is one of our primary needs, so it stands to reason that the smell of food vapours can trigger all sorts of powerful responses in us. I’m sure that everyone can recollect a scent of food vapour that […]

Country Hoe

There is nothing more to be said than what can be seen here – the country hoe at the country hoe-down. The clog-hopping voodoo lovers at the work as the devil at the cross-roads bought and sold souls like a knifelicker might make a sale on bodum knife blocks. So don’t just look it but […]

Best Day at the Beach

Or maybe your best idea of a day at the beach would involve more zombies and knives, more voodoo and less dogging? Well at Brighton beach there really is something for everyone – even for the undead zombies and the exhibitionists. in case you don’t find the beach then use the locator!

Police Cookies

Say what you like, that is just plain old funny – everything about it looks great to me. Except of course that it is illegal and the knifelicker knows on which side of the law they stand – and it is probably the bit in the middle where you need it explained to you over […]

hugh hefners hoochie

Roast laugh – as you like the Hefner does not need you to get the knives out and sharpened – this particular knife licker does not need a knife block to rest his blade in because there is always a bunny to take the dagger on his behalf.

Lesbian Loving Dolly

Dolly the sheep was made form the country singer – a few of the cells from her uterus simply plopped out onto the floor and then that was the end of that Jolene – sing it like you mean it. This god ol’ gal never had need for a knife holder except of course when […]